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BOSMA’s Seal is a self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen adhesive membrane backed with a durable aluminium foil that creates a watertight seal on almost any surface. It is ready to use and ideal for sealing and repairing of metal sheeting, water tanks, down pipes and gutters. It is supplied in rolls that are interleaved with a disposable release film.


Features & Benefits

 Instant water-tight seal – impermeable to moisture and water vapour

●  Quick effective repairs

●  Excellent resistance to weathering

●  Durable, remaining permanently flexible

●  Strong aluminium foil backing



Sealing and repairing of holes, gaps and overlaps in galvanized roof sheeting, valley gutters, down pipes, roof screws, flashings, parapets, window frames, pipe vents, ridging, metal boxes, galvanized buckets, water tanks, sheds and kennels.



Steel, aluminium, metals, concrete, stone, bricks, cement plaster, polycarbonate, PVC, glass, and wood.



●  Not suited for polypropylene, polyethylene and Teflon.

●  Not suitable for sealing of high-pressure systems.


Safety instructions

BOSMA’s Seal is non-toxic, however, it is advisable to wear gloves in order to avoid direct skin contact. If the product comes in contact with skin or eyes, flush thoroughly and immediately with water. If irritation continues, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children! Refer to our Safety Data Sheet for further toxicological information and comprehensive handling instructions.

Surface preparation

Surfaces to be bonded must be clean, structurally sound, dry and free from dust, dirt, oil, rust and loose material.Smooth non-porous surfaces such as metals and plastics should degreased with a solvent such as acetone or thinners. Any gaps should be filled prior to application. Poor surface preparation may result in lifting and delamination of the tape.


Directions for use

●  Ensure that surfaces are prepared as above.

●  Unroll the tape and measure the correct length for the area to be sealed.

●  Cut the tape ensuring a 40mm overlap.

●  Allow the tape to warm in the sun before application.

●  Peel the release paper back from one end and press the tape firmly onto the surface.

●  Removing the backing tape as you proceed.

●  On angles and grooves press firmly into the angle or groove first.

●  For a smooth finish, press tape with a rubber hand roller, working from the center outwards, remove any air bubbles and creases ensuring firm contact is made with the surface.

●  The aluminium foil backing must not be removed.


Storage stability

Store in place 10°C to 40°C. Recommended storage is 12 months.

Product Data


i. Physical data


modified bitumen adhesive


Black Bitumen with aluminum reflective covering



Melting Point



ii. Application data

Recommend Application Temperature

+15 to 45°C


iii. Performance data

Maximum Load(Tensile strength)

ASTM D2523-13



Elongation ar Break

ASTM D2523-13



Adhesion to Plywood

ASTM D903-98(2017)

At 4°C: 19.3kgf/30.5cm

At 23°C: 22.4kgf/30.5cm

Tear Resistance

ASTM D4073-06



Thermal Stability

ASTM D1204-14


ASTM D1204-14

ASTM D1970

No cracks at -29°C

Moisture Vapor Permeability

ASTM E96/E96M-15


Seal Ability Around Nail

ASTM D1970 Section 7.9


Waterproof Integrity of Lap

ASTM D1970 Section 7.10

No water seepage was found


The above information is only offered, as a guide to the use of this product. Furthermore, users should satisfy themselves that it is suitable for their needs. Since we have no control over the conditions under which it is used, we cannot accept responsibility for problems caused by the use and/or application of this product.

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