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Hot sale bitumen polyurthane waterproofing roof coating manufacture


BYP Modified bitumen primer is processed with pure Modified bitumenself-crosslinking special elastic emulsion as base material. The product is characterized by excellent weathering resistance and UV protection. At the same time, it has excellent flexibility and will not crack at low temperature (-30℃ in winter). Excellent dirt-resistance and also maintain long-term high Light, It abides by standard ASTM Standards(refer to ASTMD6083).



No Item Technical specification

1. Solid content≥65  Tack free time≥4 hours

2. Flexibility at low temperature, -26℃

3. Tensile strength, Mpa ≥100

4. Elongation at break ≥30%

5. Tearing resistance, kn/m≥10

6. Manual accelerate ageing treatment flexibility at low temperature≥-26℃



1. pure modified bitumen as base material

2.Excellent weathering resistance and anti-UV protection: prolong the service life of roofs

3.Excellent reduce refrigeration costs

4.Self-cross linking characteristic makes the roduct feature excellent dirt-resistance,and also maintain long term

5. Super adhesiveness, apply to waterproof protection of many kinds of base material

6.Durable flexibility at low-temperature: flexible and will not crackbelow-30℃ in winter.

7.Excellent water resistance and mildew resistance

8.Water Borne System: east treatment and construction of coating,safe and environmental-friendly


Application Range

Applies to decorating protection of various waterproof and heat preservation materials, for example, waterproof membrane, waterproof coating and spongy polystyrene, etc


Construction Points

Basement: use various waterproof membrane, waterproof coating and

spongy polystyrene heat preservation layer as base

Construction Process

1.Base treatment: waterproof base should be no obvious water stain

2.Coating construction: coating or splashing film former 1 times


Prime Usage

A paint usage of 0.15kg-0. 25kg/m


Attention for Construction

1.Appropriate construction temperature is between5℃-35℃,construction is not suitable in rainy days or there is water on the base

2.There might be slight laminating phenomenon before paint barrel is opened for construction, construction can be started after it being homogeneously blended

3.Before full dying of the film, waling on the waterproof layer is strictly forbidden, and protect it from damages


Package& Transport& Storage

1.The product should be put in a clean, dry and closed plastic or metal barrel, packaging capacity is 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.

2.Transport shall conform to requirements for transport of dangerous goods, and prevent from rain blazing, impact, conversion, package should be kept intact.

3.Products should be stored in well-ventilated, dry and cool places and keep away from direct sunshine Storage temperature should not be lower than 0℃. Storage period is 1 year.

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